Librecast: IoT Software Updates over IPv6 Multicast Archive of all experimental data

The librecast project states that ``Multicast is, by definition, the most efficient way for multiple nodes to communicate''. This experiment is designed to provide evidence of this efficiency by comparing multicast and unicast methods of sending the same data to a large number of nodes, as would for example happen when a software update is released.

The data set covers the experimental runs on the Virtual Wall 1 at IMEC as part of the Fed4Fire+ "SME and NGI Cascaded Experiments"

This directory contains raw experiment results as produced by the "run-experiment" script. File names containing ".test." are experiment runs using code changes which we decided not to keep, and are excluded from processing and summarising. File names containing ".partial." are experiment runs which were interrupted for some reason (usually when some nodes in a testbed stopped responding, and we could not get a complete set). These are also excluded from processing and summarising.

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